Thursday, April 28, 2016

Plan B, C, D, C, B, X, Q.....?

Tax season is over.  It was good, I liked it better than commercial driving.  I worked with great people and enjoyed the work.  I will do it again next year if it works out that way.  I was especially happy to be able to insert some rocketry in the season despite being in Nevada.  We did make it out for the last proposed launch date in late March.  A storm was blowing in and while the rocket can fly okay in it, and even the parachute still works, it works too well..... i.e. carries the rocket far away.  So we scrubbed for weather.  I may still get that blog post up.

Thursday last week,  April 21'st I finished the last of the packing to return to California and finish my driving contract.  Yes, back to driving the truck.  I spent a weekend with Davey and I am back at the Riverside CRST Yard.  I just signed a 1 month contract and will be free to drive with another company if I decide to after May 28th.  I will try to stay on a few months to rack up some bucks but only if they get me on some shorter runs.  Four weeks on the road with 4 days off is not for me.  So we'll see.  I have some irons in the fire, but nothing lined up for sure following this month.

Rocketry postponed until then, too.

The truck was in the shop all week and it is Sunday, Mother's day and we (co-driver and I) are finally getting on the truck to start running this week.