Saturday, June 1, 2013

Trying to keep up

On the dock near the convention Center.
So the last 10 days have been so busy I am barely making any status updates to facebook.  I see the blog as being a more refined version of what is happening so I like to have time to fill out the story.  If you want to keep up with what is happening/and where I am I suggest making a account.  You don't need as extensive of a profile and then just look for me as 3324wilk (one of my gmail accounts) and click the "follow" button and when I make a post, you will get an email and never have to go back.  Otherwise, know that these post will be days behind what is actually happening, which is okay.

So I have remained in California after the conferences, which I will discuss in the next post, until further notice.  While I felt very "at home" with my sister in Idaho, the professional goals that I set for myself are more readily available here and so with the successful interactions with Jerry and connecting with a marketing manager for the OpenLuna project at the Expo, I decided to stay on.  Even the possibilities for high tech work are much more prevalent here than in Idaho.  Jerry has an empty condo that I am staying in while we work on getting his new shop ready for business.

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