Sunday, September 7, 2014

Earth to Debi....Earth to Debi

I'm still here.  I somewhat inadvertently reverted to my naturally introverted state, even dropping off Facebook the last few months.  I enjoy being extroverted when I want to be so I have the best of both worlds.  If I was having a barrel of fun, I would have shared it.  It wasn't a bad time, just mostly normal ups and downs with nothing special to report.

After the space conference in July 2013 I walked into a care-giver position where they were hiring on 50 people in a short period of time.  When I saw the ad for it I expected it to be for the elderly which I had some experience with Helen in taking her places.  The job turned out to be assisted living for adults with developmental disabilities.  I left the conference with some prospects for work in the field but would take some time to follow up and this company was willing to hire me on for an uncertain duration so that was good and I took on the challenge.  Outside the normal ups and down, the biggest challenge of the last year was the yo yo-ing of opportunities opening up and then closing again first for employment in the space industry and then for financing Paul's space suit design.  Each of the latter, just keeps getting closer with two prospects in the works. 

As for my employment at Community Outreach Counseling, I can't say much about it as I am bound by HIPPA regulations for the events that transpired at work.  The limited pay was tough so I didn't get to any more space conferences in the last year.  I didn't need a lot to live on for my circumstances and when I did need to travel for a couple of the Avatar courses, they were able to accommodate that.  And I worked weekends so I had the week to work on these other opportunities.  

January of this year, my long time associate Paul Graham, an engineering friend of Paul's and I formed Kepler Shipyards, LLC to finish development and to commercialize Paul's space suit design.  As eluded to earlier, we thought we had funding lined up at that time and new prospects are in the works for that.

In the mean time, I have left my sister's house in Idaho and my job there.  I am spending a few days in Las Vegas with family and my father's birthday on Wed. of this week.  I will return to California to work with Jerry and Erika on Thursday.

Rocket science..... here we come!

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