Sunday, November 30, 2014

Plan B

Plan B is flowing smoothly.  I have spent the last two weeks in Riverside and Fontana, California getting a Class A drivers license and learning to drive trucks, not small ones, big ones - 18 Wheelers.  So Plan B is to drive around the country to earn some good bucks and on days off, build rockets in the Mojave.  The next step in the process in driving for CRST Van Expedited is attend a few days of orientation followed by 28 days of on the job training with an experience driver.  What CRST offers is company sponsored training followed by a 10 month contract to drive.  Even if someone goes to a driving training company on their own, you still need a year of experience driving before you can get work so this is a really good deal for starting out in this line of work.

This is right after passing the DMV test
New Sideline Career
So how did I get here?  What is Plan A?  Of course the general plan has been to finance OpenLuna and earlier this year Paul and I started the for-profit sister corporation Kepler Shipyards for which we almost had loans for the space suit division by midyear which didn't come through and subsequently messed up the next step.  We have been working another angle that is $25k short of a $60M proposition that would finance the spacesuits at $2M and create an annual revenue of a million dollars or more to finance other tech.  I can not disclose the details at this time and we have a few days yet to still make it happen.  

Additionally, revenue flow since coming to California has been minimal and I was looking for something good to just-show-up that I could walk right into (I tend to find the better opportunities this way vs pounding the pavement).  And truck driving was it.  It was ready to go on a weeks notice so I began the process even though there was still hope for Plan A.  I really like the other students and this company is cranking out drivers a dozen or two at a time.   The first year we only make $2k to $3k monthly but ultimately an annual salary of $70k to $100+k is possible which is what I would make behind the desk.  I doubt I will continue with it that long I just need to get a solid income behind me to operate from and take another stab at, perhaps it is even the leg up to pull Plan A from the ashes.

The CRST Truck Terminal Where I will be Working

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