Sunday, May 12, 2013

Feels Like Home

I seem to have trouble blogging about the more casual aspects of the journey, hence the lag in the posts.  The last month has been very busy with converting a conversation on OpenLuna into a video, preparing for a conference, attempting to learn to program Android smart phones and work searches.  Naturally the first had the preference of my attention and like most projects, seemed like it wouldn't take very long but did.  My runs into town to learn my way around and to pick up little things to replace things not worthy of dragging 3000 miles waned.  One day driving home from poking around town I referred to my sister's house as "getting back home" and it felt very solid and true to think of it as that.
My Jeep in front of my Sister's house.

Being busy at the computer for several hours at a time, walks in the subdivision and neighboring ones became frequent and also the last month I started dancing several times a week and getting to know that crowd.  The combination has made a noticeable change in my tone and posture, so again, things are good.

The general tone and attitude of people here is not too different from Alaska.  Despite having considerably many more stores and shops, the area, other than Boise itself, is still more rural than urban with a few factories in between farms, in between subdivision, in the middle of a high (2400ft) desert.  The climate up until now has been like a cool summer in Fairbanks.  Even while the rest of the states were being hit my snow storm after snow storm, the highs here would be 60's to 70's and even when it didn't make 60, it felt pretty good midday with the sun up and moderate winds.  Nights were freezing but no more and last weekend, leaving the dance hall I heard crickets off in the fields.

Even as I write this, after a 14 hour drive to Las Vegas for my Niece's graduation from Nursing School (I had too much caffeine on the road), I am awake early, realizing that it is an hour earlier than "back home" - yes it feels like home.   Click here for the Album

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