Friday, May 17, 2013

Graduation Ceremony

Wendy, her beau, 3 kids and her mother, my sister after the
pinning ceremony. 
The timing of my visit was twofold beginning with my niece Wendy graduation from CSN Nursing program.  Click here for the photo Album.  It was Monday night, right after Mother's day.  So we had a gathering at my parents house (where I am staying for the week) Sunday.

Monday night at the Cashmen Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  She graduated with 100 or so other classmates in a nice ceremony where each one walked to the center of the stage, a special person in their life pinned the blue ribbon on them and then posed for a professional picture.  (I got down and took my own so I could make the post.)

I have been having a good time this week with visiting family, light gambling, a bit of time in the sun... etc.

I would be doing more but the other side of the trip is to attend the Space Expo and maybe the International Space Development Conference in California next week.  It is just a few hours drive to the other side of the mountains.  I will also be re-connecting with Jerry and learning more about making actual rockets (instead of just designs and equations).  The conference mean that I have some prep work to do to represent the OpenLuna Foundation.  I prepped a lot the last couple weeks but have a bit more to do.

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