Monday, March 4, 2013

Alaska Critters

Caribou herd in the Road coming into Northway.

As Jan was taking the picture of me and my car load at Barb and Bev's a Raven flew over which is considered a blessing by Alaska Natives.  Other wise, most of the trip was free of critters which is basically a good thing, while I like to see them, clear sailing is the primary.  

Typical is for them to come out in the evening and indeed a cow moose was on the side of the road about half way from Tok to Northway. She got off into the bushes before I could get a picture.   Farther on I rounded the corner to find this herd in the road and they weren't in quite the rush to get out of road.  Only a few miles farther this caribou didn't want to get out of the road. When I finally got close enough that it moved, it ran down the road to catch up with a few more of its herd.  I have never noticed how the hooves fling from side to side as they run.  I got not just pictures but in the second group a couple videos but they don't show the silly hoof movement I was trying to catch. See the Album.  Though this guy in the video below when he looked straight on looked more like a goat.

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