Sunday, March 3, 2013

Goodbye Fairbanks

Have ice scraper will travel.

Dear friends, please do not take my eagerness to depart incorrectly.  As most of you know, I have for some time now been seeking opportunities in the New-Space Industry and have been promoting the OpenLuna Foundation as part of that.  The industry is evolving rapidly just as I projected awhile back.  It is time for me to join the fray and help bring to fruition all the things that I have talked and especially the more recent efforts to promote OpenLuna and the return of humanity to the surface of the moon.  While I am excited about the prospects of the future it is not easy to leave such wonderful friends, marked most recently by Suzanne Fenner and Liz Greig helping me cleaning the house while I packed the last items.  Another thank you to Matt Moore who helped me load the car on Wed.  I have lived most of my adult life in Alaska and identify myself as an Alaskan, but every fiber of my being is calling me on this quest.  I made a dedicated effort to say goodbye and managed to get with most of you, though not all.  I am not leaving to fade off into the night but to make history and with the internet you can follow my journeys and accomplishments.  As I was leaving Barb and Bev this morning, I passed my the Dunkle residence for whom I had not seen in some time.  They remarked that they brag about me (i.e. show off my letter from the South Pole) and I told them that my goal was to give them more to brag about.  For those of you that get around, we will meet in the future and a return visit to Fairbanks is totally plausible.  I am moved at the many of you who understand me well enough to salute my journey rather than ask me to stay or declare that I will return as many who leave the state do.  And for those of you in the Avatar program like Barb and Bev, I will see you on course at some time or another.  To all, stay tuned ....

p.s. if you are on facebook I am making posts as I go and you can follow me there as well.

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