Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 1

Frosty trees - nice, frosty road - not.
The bridge ahead is the Black Veterans Memorial Bridge
between Delta Junction and Tok Junction.

So finally on the road after breakfast and a stop at the Dunkle Residence, the feeling was mostly a relief mixed with a bit of emotional moments on both ends of the scale. Soon after passing Eielson AFB the clouds started collecting. Most of the trip into Delta was low clouds and a bit of snow as you can see from the picture to the right.. This produces a more slippery condition so it required a bit more concentration  The frosty trees from the fresh snow were lovely.   After Delta Junction the day was clear and sunny so that was nice and the spaces of clear road and the regions still icy were not so slick and was easier going. It was nicer all the through Tok and Border City where I stopped just as the sun was setting. 

So I only got 300 miles and still in Alaska, barely. It was after six and I was feeling pretty taxed already (my endurance for long drives improves as I go along) and I loose an hour crossing the border plus it would take an hour to get to the next stop. The internet wasn't working properly so was a bummer with an early stop to get going on the blog. But I prepared the text and the photos so I could do it all quickly in the morning. The next target is Whitehorse which is another 300 miles.

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