Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 3

Bubbly shaped Mountain out of Whitehorse.
Was pretty uneventful between Whitehorse and Watson Lake.  The roads were mostly clear and much of it gentle slopes.  From here British Columbia will be a roller coaster.  I got into Watson Lake pretty early so making Fort Nelson tomorrow 400 miles instead of 300 will be easy and maybe there will be time to stop at the Liard Hot Springs.  I learned last time I came this way to stop here, there is nothing else between here and the hotsprings and they are expensive and usually filled up.  I ended up very late getting into Toad River and luckily there was a room open so being winter, I surely didn't want to go farther.  So this is also part of the reason I am only getting 300 miles a day,.  Once I didn't make it much past the border I was committed to 3 days this far up.  But now the blog is up to date!!!!!

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